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University Lock & Security, Inc. was started in 1978 with the goal to provide home and business owners with 24/7 security and protection. No matter the size or complexity of your project, University Lock & Security has the expertise to fully secure your home and property.

We have been family owned and operated in the same location for over 40 years, and we work around the clock to make our monitoring center the pride of the industry. In the beginning of 2020, we merged with Metro Fire+Security to provide solutions to all aspects of security and fire.

Security Services

At Metro Fire+Security, we secure peace of mind. The reality is that crimes happen, and when they do people’s lives are changed forever. While we prefer to give you the solution you need before a crime occurs, we will be there for you if something does go wrong.

Commercial Security

There are major differences between a business and home break in. Depending on what type of business you have there are other factors to consider. Are you responsible for your customers’ assets or information? How large is the building/complex? Will you be able to recognize cars or faces of criminals with the security that you have now? How do you re-secure your business if you have to let an employee go? Can you log which employees are coming and going and at what times? Would you like ‘authorized personnel only’ rooms? Would you like to be able to view or control your security system while off-site?

Our job is to secure your peace of mind and help to answer all of these questions. Security is important both in and out of a business.

Residential Security

Monitoring your home security system allows you the safety and convenience of knowing what is going on at your home while you’re away. In addition, we can provide you with online access to view your personal security system’s archived reports through a user-friendly app. Knowing who is coming and going at the click of a button can be the difference that helps you protect what is yours. If you choose to monitor your system (which we suggest), you can do so for as short as one year.

Our services and systems are top notch and they come to you without the burden of a lengthy contract – no games, no hidden details. We take your security seriously and are up front with you from the beginning, because we believe that is the the only way to do business.

Security Resources

Metro has put together a Security Resources page with links to product manuals, customer security portals, city links for alarm permits, and more.
Security Resources Page

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