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Alarm Monitoring Responsible Party Form

  • Metro Fire Equipment is requesting a Responsible Party* contact(s) to be associated with your monitored equipment.

    Responsible Party (RP): The persons on the responsible party list will be called in the order listed in the event of an alarm or trouble from the alarm monitoring system. An optional pass code can be added to cancel false alarms or put the systems in test. The pass code can be the same for all parties or each can have their own.

    Metro Fire Equipment includes an “Email Notification” service with your Alarm Monitoring account. When your alarm panel is not reporting, or if it reports one of the ‘trouble’ signals, Metro will send out an automated email to those contacts with listed email addresses. At least one (1) email contact is required for this service to operate. The email address you supply should be a valid address, enabled, and with space to receive mail. We recommend that you also “whitelist” our sending email (monitoring@metrofireaz.com) so our emails will reach your contact without issue.

    Please fill out the sections below and then select the  Submit  button at the bottom of the form. Thank you.

  • 1st Contact Information (Required)

    At least one (1) Contact is required, yet more than one (1) Contact is encouraged. Code Word and Title are not required.
  • 2nd Contact Information (Optional)

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    By providing your name and signature you are affirming that the information submitted in this form is correct and you are authorized to make updates for this account.